If we don’t look after our homes we find that there is a build up of dust and dirt.  This then attracts spiders and then we gather cobwebs.  If were to leave it we would find that the room would be full of junk and unwanted visitors and it would not be a good place for us to be.  This is true for us too.  We need to look inside and do some personal spring cleaning sometimes so that we can enjoy our own company while in isolation and later in life generally.

Today’s Healing

Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles slowing your breath down as you go.  Then tune in and ask to receive today’s healing to help you release all this build up of dirt and dust within you that attracts dis-ease and therefore disease.  It will help you let go of feelings of discontent and judgement of yourself and others and help you step into a life that is abundant and wonderful.

Stay still for a few minutes, then return to your day.




The Western allopathic world is beginning to realise how beneficial Vitamin C is at the moment.

They have been using Vitamin C in Shanghai and now in New York to combat the virus and respiratory problems.  They have had no deaths at all after giving Vitamin C infusions and recovery time is 3-4 days quicker.

Dr Mao, at a Hospital in Shanghai has used high-dose vitamin C for 10 years to treat a range of health problems, including bronchitis, pneumonia, sepsis, and wound healing after surgery.  Dr Mao has given his  COVID-19 patients 10-20 g/day of vitamin C for 7 to 10 days.

Dr Andrew G Weber and other doctors saw this and are now trialling it in several hospitals in New York.  More than 700 of the most critical COVID-19 patients are being treated with infusions of vitamin C.  There is no established protocol for this so doctors are feeling their way.  Dr Weber’s patients has been giving his COVID-19  patients 1.5 grams 3-4 times a day; this is 4.5 -6g/day.  This is many times greater than the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and it is proving useful but my experience and testing suggest that we need very large doses.

If you are taking Vitamin C then I recommend the following:
Take 1 + 0 + 1 to boost your natural level if you are in isolation
Take 2 + 0 + 2 to protect yourself further if you are in contact with anyone
If you are a key worker and feel that you have been in contact with the virus: take the maximum dose to protect yourself.  You can determine the dose you need by gradually increasing it until you begin to get diarrhoea, then come back to the dose below this.  You can take as much as 1g /hr; it is totally safe as Vitamin C is water soluble and you will excrete any excess.

Vitamin C with citrus Bioflavonoids,  https://spectrum.myllonline.com/vitamin_c_w_citrus_bioflavonoids_(60)




Healing with vitamin-c