Kinesiology Course Testimonials

I have loved every minute of the Spectrum Healing courses. Jay’s “down to earth” approach mixed with humour and her passion for Spectrum Healing inspired me to practice at home with confidence and read widely in between courses. I always felt that Jay was there to support my growth and learning. I have learned an incredible amount over a short space of time. Now I feel I can heal myself to achieve better health each day, and I have confidence to help my family and friends too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Spectrum Healing course.
Helena Hitchin
The Spectrum Healing Kinesiology Course run by Jay Cubitt has a well balanced blend of lectures, workbook activities, class discussions and hands on practice! I have gained so much confidence and learnt so many new things to help me in my healing work. I have loved every minute and would absolutely recommend it.
Amanda Nelson
I thoroughly enjoyed your last course and benefitted enormously. By the way a nice positive to report, my enjoyment of sex has improved, slightly after SH2 & I believe even more so after SH3. So can’t wait for SH4!
Just a note to say thanks for a fab weekend. What an amazing array of things we covered. I was totally enthralled by the Spiritual masters and Mitochondria stuff. Wow!
Amanda Nelson