Your Health

Health Kinesiology What do you need in your life? Do you look after yourself and eat well? Do you give in to cravings? We all have times that we reach for the chocolate or crisps and the main benefit is emotional. It makes us feel better. Next time you do it, take a moment to see what has just pushed your buttons to make you want to reach for the biscuits. Why do you need that emotional uplift? Cravings can usually be cleared very easily by healing the old events that you are revisiting deep within you that make you feel bad from time to time. As you clear these old patterns and locked in emotions, you feel lighter and happier.

It is now proved that feelings change the chemicals that we produce in our cells and bodies and change how our bodies function, often upsetting our normal balance. As you become aware of the deeper patterns that push your buttons you can see why your life is as it is. Dr Candace Pert, an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain, has been a key scientist researching in this area. Look up Candace Pert and Dr Bruce Lipton who have great books and Youtube videos that explain modern scientific and medical theory and how the body is seamlessly linked to our feelings, mind and spirit.

Human DNA

In July 2003 ‘the genetic roof caved in’. Since the 1980s, an alliance of international research groups had catalogued all the genes of the human nuclei; over 3 billion sequences. The human genome was expected to contain at least 120,000 genes because there are over 100,000 proteins in human cells, each of which requires a blueprint for their synthesis. However, they discovered that human gene numbers are hardly more than the number found in the tiny threadworm used in genetic research, which is only a few millimetres in length with exactly 969 cells. In comparison, humans have roughly 50 billion cells. Chickens have 16,736 genes, humans 24,000 genes, a mouse 25,000 genes, grape plants have 30,434 and horsetail grass has 120,000 genes.

“Unless the human genome contains a lot of genes that are opaque to our computers, it is clear that we do not gain our undoubted complexity over worms and plants by using many more genes. Understanding what does give us our complexity …remains a challenge for the future” (Baltimore, D. 2001 Our Genome Unveiled. Nature, 409:814-816).

This means that the presumption that so many of our physical problems have a genetic cause cannot be true. So we must look elsewhere. The mind-body connection is the real source of most of our physical ill-health. This can clearly be seen in people who come for healing or on courses and they find that their health improves and each group becomes more cohesive and supportive as more healing is done, even if we are not directly healing the physical body or relationship issues.

Your Patterns

Are there ‘relationships that need improving in your life’ or ‘do you attract the wrong people?’ These things happen because of the conditioning from past events. How many people do you know who did not have a great relationship with a parent but married someone just like the parent they didn’t get on with? Can you think of any patterns that you keep repeating in your life? By healing these old patterns that we carry, all this can change and we can have wonderful fulfilling relationships and lives. It isn’t necessary to heal someone else, just ourselves. If we heal ‘why we are attracting the wrong people or experiences’ then it won’t keep happening. Do you need help with any of your repeating patterns? Contact Jay for more information