Spectrum Healing

Spectrum Healing is a unique and powerful form of Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) which uses muscle testing to access the life experiences stored in your subconscious. Muscle testing allows you and your body to direct the treatment in a safe and effective way. Therefore muscle testing allows us to address your own personal needs.

It is an established complementary therapy that can be used alongside any other treatment.  If you don’t live near a practitioner there are still ways that we can help you.  Contact Jay for details.


Spectrum Healing could help you to improve your:

  • Physical health or fitness
  • Emotional well-being
  • Thoughts or beliefs  that are holding you back
  • Personal or Spiritual development
  • Harmony at work and home
  • Relationship issues
  • To help your pets

Spectrum Healing is a form of vibrational healing that works on the quantum level and so can enable true recovery of the body, mind and spirit. It is a natural, gentle holistic therapy that can enable us to get to the root of a problem, identify the cause of each condition for that individual and how they can restore their well-being and happiness. It stimulates energies and vibrations in someone that will help them to function better and be revitalised and re-empowered.

Spectrum Healing can also help people to have more confidence and realise their untapped potential in any aspect of their life, including home, work and sport. It can help them become fulfilled, both personally and in business, as well as having enough energy, motivation and zest to enable them to flourish in life.

Spectrum Healing incorporates many healing skills. It is suitable for people of all ages and dispositions including the elderly, children and babies. Spectrum Healing is a type of new quantum healing that stimulates the natural healing power of the client.

Muscle testing identifies which type of treatment or remedy is best for each individual at any time. The improvements that follow from a Spectrum Healing treatment are profound and permanent.


How can we help you?

All Spectrum Healing therapists are fully qualified, are registered practitioners and practice their craft with integrity. Many have completed advanced Spectrum Healing training and other kinesiology training or therapies. Members abide by the code of ethics and practice of the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), aiming for high standards and quality complementary health care.