True recovery from illness

Have you ever wondered why you have a particular illness; lose your temper too easily; put off dealing with difficult situations or make the same mistakes time after time?
Every experience that we have encountered in our life is stored in our cells and energy system.  If our emotions, thoughts and experiences are not fully explored and dealt with, harmful patterns are stored within us and they can lead to ill health later in life.

The more we hold on to our old feelings, beliefs and thought patterns the more our body struggles to function properly and healthily.

Inner Disharmony

When we have a health issue, it is not the emotions and situations that we experienced and felt that continue to cause us problems, but rather, those that we did not allow ourselves to feel.  We then continue to recreate the same situations in our life until we finally allow ourselves to fully experience the feelings that affected us the first time and resolve our inner disharmony.

Return to Happiness

Spectrum Healing can help you find the unresolved experiences that are still affecting you and can help you release them easily and effectively.  Then by gently releasing the old patterns we can return to balance, happiness and health.

When we are in a state of balance, our bodies have a tremendous capacity to heal and will draw on the energy that seeks to restore homeostasis and health for each of us.

Natural Healing Power

Unfortunately in the Western world we have lost the connection with this natural healing power and our ability to direct it in the right way.  We have come to rely on outside forces rather than trust the power that is within us.  Spectrum Healing can connect you to this power and enable you to use it to heal naturally.

Become Aware

The journey to health and well-being is an inner journey of discovery.  All disease whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, arises from a disturbance in the human energy field and situations of unease (or dis-ease).  You can become more aware of the messages coming from your body and intuition.  They will tell you what you need and as you learn to act on them you will find true healing, peace and happiness.


How can we help you?

All Spectrum Healing therapists are fully qualified, are registered practitioners and practice their craft with integrity. Many have completed advanced Spectrum Healing training and other kinesiology training or therapies. Members abide by the code of ethics and practice of the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), aiming for high standards and quality complementary health care.