As we progress with social distancing we are finding that many people are being really innovative and creative.  They are raising spirits by finding fun things to do and connecting with other people in original ways.  Creativity of any sort takes us out of our normal mindset and ways of thinking.  It can inspire us and move us in all sorts of ways.


Think about when a painting, music, dance, sculpture or other experience of the Arts has really moved you. Why did it speak to you? What did you value in that experience? Travel back through this experience to feel the source of your valued connection; add your own true strength and passion and feel the power and vision that it can create.

It is time to be true to these deeper values, to be sovereign to your best beliefs, and be independent and strong in yourself.
Today’s Healing
Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles slowing your breathing. Then tune in and ask to receive today’s healing to help you find your source of inspiration, truth and happiness and buzz with the joy of a wonderful, loving connection with yourself and others. Stay still for a few minutes and then return to your day.

Wishing you love and strength ,