Healing Testimonials

Below are a few of the comments sent to Jay after receiving healing.

Jay’s has helped me through so many life challenges, poor health, relationship breakdown, and bereavement to name a few. I now do not know how I would cope without this support. Spectrum Healing is gentle, always supportive and for me has given some surprising solutions on my journey of healing. Jay doesn’t just treat the symptoms in my body, she supports the health of my mind and spirit too. I love the way Jay resolves the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms of dis-ease. Jay’s treatments release agitation and panic in me, and leave me feeling calm and able to cope with anything life may throw up for me, and I would recommend Jay and Spectrum Healing to anyone.Gill Page
Hi Jay, Thank you very much again for the healing you did for me yesterday. I feel unburdened and happier today. Thank you very muchDounia Djidel
After visiting you for a session to help my stress and panic attacks, I’m just writing to thank you for your help. I feel 10 times better since my session. Thank you again.J.S.
Dear Jay, Just to let you know that I found out today that my smear result (for endometriosis) was normal for the first time in 9 years. So a big THANK YOU again for all your work! I shall be in touch for an ‘MOT’ in the near future. Take Care.E.G.
You may recall you did several sessions on my autistic son. James continues to thrive and I consider the work you did with him/for him to be life changing for him! Friends, family and teachers continue to comment on how far he has come in the last three years. With many, many thanksKate Macaulay
Thank you as I have felt a lightness since you did the healing as if a deep root inside my belly had finally lifted! Your healing is indeed amazing, speaking of myself here, and it has only been a week or so. Some physical changes have already taken place: relaxed muscles front and back of my body. Between my Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra, the whole area before felt as a big knot, it is now fully resolved and I feel wonderful. My breathing has improved as well. You should open your healing to the massess , peoples all over the planet could benefit. Do you teach Spectrum Healing? Again THANK YOU. Warmest regards,F.B.
For virtually all of my twelve year tennis career I suffered from one ailment or another. Chronic foot and hip problems meant that training was usually a painful experience. Various elbow, shoulder and back injuries kept me off the ATP tour for extended periods. Each time I returned after being out, I lost a little quickness, until finally, at age 32 I retired. Ironically, I was relatively healthy, but my joints were stiff and old. Having been introduced to Jay Cubitt in 1997, I can say that energy healing works. My body is now more flexible and stronger than it has been for 15 years and my tennis has dramatically improved. Amazingly, my chronic foot and hip problems have nearly disappeared (80-90% better). I recommend Spectrum Healing for anyone who wants to improve their physical health, fitness or performance and is interested and open-minded about how the body works.Peter Fleming, tennis player and coach
Until I visited you I had suffered migraines since childhood, they had become so bad that they interfered with my enjoyment of life. One visit to you and the migraines have gone – now I can plan holidays, outings, visitors all without the worry of possibly having to cancel due to migraines. Life has also been more enjoyable because the other problems you dealt with have either lessened or gone away. So I am writing to say a big ‘Thank you’.J.H.
It has been six and a half weeks since I saw you and I thought I would let you know how I am getting on so far. Almost immediately I had more energy and was alert all the time during the day instead of being dopy in the morning and dozing off at work in the afternoon. One of the most specific differences is light sensitivity. I had become so sensitive to light that I used a pair of polarised sunglasses when driving home from work even on dull days, and if I went outside during lunch I needed a baseball cap just for the shade. I HAVEN’T EVEN PUT MY SUNGLASSES BACK IN THE CAR since being back in Germany and I wander about in full sunlight without any qualms (well except for factor 20 suncream – but not on my eyes!). This is fantastic. I have been light sensitive for years but it has got worse with time. It is quite unbelivable what I have achieved in the last 6 weeks. Another major thing is that I feel happy. This isn’t just me trying to be in a happy state because it is healthier, but that I genuinely feel happy. I actually had a real high about ten days after our session which had my sister briefly worried – thinking I would have an accompanying low; but it hasn’t happened like that. I have calmed down to steady positiveness which is great. I can understand her concern because on that weekend everything was just fantastic for me. It was an amazing feeling at the time and it didn’t worry me at all – it just seemed to me to be a peak after what had in reality been a year-long low grade depression. I still am on a sort of high as the length of this email probably shows, but I am just making the most of it. I think that is about all for now. Thank you very much for curing me. It is quite frankly fantastic and has literally given me a new lease of life. Yours happily!Sue P
Since about 1986 I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet. The inflammation, pain, and, eventually damage to my hands and feet, was enough to make walking long distances impossible, and for care to be needed over walking and tasks that involved gripping and fine movement with my hands…I varied in the extent to which I could manage stairs and walks across the campus. I no longer have pain in hands or feet and am able to move around more freely and, a particular pleasure, can now garden with no ill effects from the pressure of using garden tools. I am not taking any medication and those who know me best are very impressed by the improvement in my general well-being as well as in walking and using my hands. A neighbour asked whether I have had a hip operation and the person who lives next door didn’t recognise me as I approached because I was walking so ‘comfortably’ and at speed. …I am convinced that the improvement I have experienced in recent months is directly attributable to the healing sessions with Jay.T Keil