Free Nutritional Analysis

In order to do a free nutritional analysis, go to and press the ‘Click Here‘ button to take the Lifestyle Analysis.
Then a list of questions will come up. Tick the ones that you feel are relevant to you on the two pages. If you are unsure of any of the questions and want some help, just contact Jay and she can take you through it.

After completing the questions, you’ll see a chart come up which tells you which body systems need some help. Then ‘Login to save your results’. Jay can then see the results and advise you if you need further help. You can also see their recommendations for you based on your answers and you can print the results if you wish. The information also includes the information about each product and how to take it.

Ordering the Products that you need

Nutritional AnalysisOnce you have been recommended the right products for you, you will find that they have been ticked to add them to your basket. If these products are all you need, ‘View your basket’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’. There is no obligation to buy if you don’t want them, just untick them to clear them from your basket.

If you want to consider other products you can press ‘Click here to Shop Now’ on the Home page. Then an alphabetic list will come up and you can choose the products that you want. When you have finished ordering, ‘View your basket’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’ in the usual way.

Why these products?

The company that produces these supplements, Nature’s Sunshine Products or NSP, has been manufacturing supplements for over 40 years and have a commitment to uncompromising quality. They only use food-sourced nutrients in their products which means that your body treats it as having more fresh, organic, pure food of the type that it needs to rebalance itself. Most supplements from other manufacturers are synthetically made in a laboratory. There is now evidence to suggest that the body can only tolerate synthetic supplements for a relatively short time before the body starts to reject or react adversely to them.

There are none of these problems with the supplements recommended on the Lifestyle Analysis. Their products are guaranteed to be pure, safe and effective. They are all extracted from organic, fresh foods and each batch of nutrients is checked thoroughly. Every product in the range comes with a full 90 day, no quibble money back guarantee.

NSP also produces Daily Nutritional Supplements to boost your health and energy levels. These are some of the best selling products designed to help you get the right amounts of Protein, Fibre, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids, to help keep your body in great condition. Look them up on