Nutritional Health

good-nutritionVery few people can claim to eat a ‘well balanced diet’. Even those who do will assume that their food is nutritionally rich, are not always aware of the lack of nutrients resulting from intensive farming practices, manufacturing methods and storage processes. Our modern lifestyle can also be very demanding, which is why so many people choose nutritional products to supplement their diet in order to maintain optimum health.

Added to this, we are eating more processed and manufactured food which has preservatives and E numbers added to them to help preserve the food on the shelves. Also there are high levels of salt and sugar in many products and often rancid fats in crisps and similar snacks. Did you know that a glass of some fizzy drinks is 60,000 times more acid than our body would like it to be? These all add to the nutritional deficit and toxic burden on the body.

The effects of stress

Stress can impair your digestion and cause poor extraction of the nutrition from your food. This is often reflected in reduced levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach causing insufficient initial breakdown of food. It can also reduce the levels of digestive enzymes which may lead to nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems and food intolerances. These problems can become more apparent as we get older.

Most of us have been given antibiotics at some time for an infection or during an operation. It is now understood that these destroy the friendly bacteria in our intestines as well as the harmful ones and cause any fungus to grow unchecked. When the gut flora is out of balance, this can lead to digestive disorders such as constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, diverticulitis, bloating, excessive wind or inflammation. All of these factors impair our ability to extract nutrients from our food.

A healthy gut

Did you know that you can get probiotics (good bacteria) to restore the balance of organisms in the intestines so that the gut can operate in a healthy way and extract all the nutrients that you need?

There are probiotic products specifically for:

  • Daily Well-being
  • Improving the immune system
  • Improving a sluggish or overactive gut or reducing bloating
  • Babies and Children
  • While you are on antibiotics to prevent thrush and support the immune system
  • Travelling abroad to avoid diarrhoea from local bacteria contact Jay for probiotics

How do I know what supplements I need?

I deal with a company who produce excellent products and a nutritional analysis that will explain exactly what you need after answering some questions. They have then produced cost-effective supplements that combine all the main ingredients in one pot designed to restore the health of each system in about 3 months.

Usually it is the digestion and intestinal systems that need to be restored first as these are fundamental to the health of the whole body. By taking the recommended products and then retaking the test you can see the improvement that you have made. When that first system is functioning well, it will recommend new products for another body system that needs a bit of nutritional help. In this way there is not guesswork and you can see clear evidence of improvements in your health You can progress until all the systems of the body are working well and you are feeling great.

If you would like to progress faster than this then consider asking for a Spectrum Healing consultation. Clearing the effect of some of your past traumas and difficulties make it easier to utilise the food and supplements that you consume.

The nutritional analysis is free and all the products are available from

If you feel that you need a general probiotic or daily nutrition you can order these from the website too. If you need a more specific probiotic such as for when you are on antibiotics or travelling abroad contact Jay.


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