How Does Spectrum Healing Work?

daisyMuscle testing can identify the cause of imbalances in the body-mind-spirit and can indicate what we need to do to restore balance.  It can help us to uncover the events that are still locked into the body that are causing pain and unease.  Then Spectrum Healing uses healing energy directed by the hands to release the feelings and beliefs from these events and help you draw on your inner strengths.

Spectrum Healing will help your body to heal naturally and effectively so that the problems are permanently resolved.  Clients have reported better health and vitality, healing of chronic illnesses of all sorts, improved relationships, new career openings, increased self-confidence, and a greater ability to enjoy life and lose old negative patterns.

Healing is directed to the different energies of the body. These include:

  •     correcting the higher energy centres of the body (over 100 chakras can be healed)
  •     healing the aura and energy fields around each of us that support the physical body
  •     rebalancing the centre of the energy field, the assemblage point

It can use all sorts of remedies to heal the body.  These may include:

  •     crystals
  •     homeopathic remedies
  •     flower essences or their energy cards
  •     sound healing
  •     colour

Other lifestyle changes that would benefit the person can also be identified such as:

  • dietary changes
  • nutritional supplements
  • taking a homeopathic, flower essence or other remedy
  • a suitable exercise programme
  • finding fulfilling things for you to do to improve your vital energy and zest for life

How can we help you?

All Spectrum Healing therapists are fully qualified, are registered practitioners and practice their craft with integrity. Many have completed advanced Spectrum Healing training and other kinesiology training or therapies. Members abide by the code of ethics and practice of the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association), aiming for high standards and quality complementary health care.