In this period of great awakening we are entering a new phase of this transformation.  Hopefully your inner fears have eased to release space for you to review and reflect on how your thoughts, beliefs and values have changed.  The next few weeks are a time of reflection, new perceptions and re-evaluation so that we can co-create a better life for us all.  It is a time of introspection and evaluation.

Take a moment and think about how the experience of the last 7 weeks has changed you. I believe that we are all revising what is important in our lives and what supports us emotionally and vibrationally. Look at what your thought processes were 6 weeks to 2 months ago and consider these questions:

What were you giving energy to in your life and how has this changed?
Have you come to realise that some aspects of your previous life do not support you in the best way?
Have you learnt what stresses you and erodes your inner peace and Self-belief?
Have you learnt to master the fear and anxiety that this situation brought?
Have you changed your ideas on aspects of relationships, work, resources or use of free time?
Have you learnt more about what makes you happy and enriched?
Would you like to move forward in a way that makes you more content?
Are you ready to make conscious choice of what to focus on and nourish in your life?
Are you ready to be the author of your own destiny?

Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles to slow your breathing. Then tune in and ask to receive today’s energy to help you to create a new, truer reality and richer life for yourself from deep inside you. Stay still for a few minutes and then return to your day.
Wishing you Inspiration and joy,