At the moment there are many things that we feel we need to do that are actively promoting fear and defencelessness.  One of these is the news so be careful how much news you watch.  If you plan, you can pick up key information for yourself in just a few minutes.  Whereas if you watch hours of current news and information, it can sap your strength and make you feel vulnerable and fearful.  The same goes for some podcasts, Youtube channels or other media .

Decide which media items make you feel good, uplifted and strong and only do those things.  Avoid the information channels that make you feel bad or stop you sleeping and you will feel a lot better.


Today’s Healing

Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles to slow your breathing. Then tune in and ask to receive today’s healing to help you to strengthen your ability to do things that make you feel good, to help you feel protected and powerful and that you can get through this difficult time safely. This is a longer healing than usual so stay for a few minutes to pick it up. Then stay still for a moment before you return to your day.


1) We are being told that Vitamin D is important at the moment for our immune system. But if you can get out in the sun for half an hour a day and let it shine on the bare skin on your face or arms, it is unnecessary to take a Vitamin D supplement until the end of September. At times of Viral infection Vitamin C is vital and will help fight any virus that you come into contact with. has now restocked 2 excellent types of Vitamin C that I take myself:
Vitamin C with citrus Bioflavonoids and Vitamin C Timed Release,

2) Some of you have received Thursday’s offer for the Healthy Starter Pack but, sorry, I had not realised that it was only for people who had not ordered from Lily and Loaf before. Just to clarify, for new customers who have not managed to get it yet, these are the instructions.
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Love and Light,