Today is a very special day for helping us all move gracefully on our personal journey and become the best that we can be.  It is the 444 Gateway when we are blessed with higher help.  It will help us strengthen our focus, personal growth and drive to achieve the things we are passionate about for the greater good.

Today’s Healing

I have constructed a healing today that will help us use the 444 Gateway to help us each move forward in the very best way.  Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles slowing your breath down as you go.

Then tune in and ask to receive today’s healing to help you live to your highest potential on all levels of your being; releasing all past, present and future conscious or unconscious patterns or promises that stop you being the very best that you can be.  Stay still for a while, this may take longer than usual, then return to your day.

Emma Kennedy is also doing a live soundbath today to build on this healing and help you move forward with higher help today too.  It will be saved on her site for you to do it at any time later.

Love and Light,


healing thinking