Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D Roosevelt



Our fantastic success at the Olympics and Paralympics has shown us that if we really want to achieve something in our life, then with determination and application it is possible.

You can have the same approach to other areas of your life too. Is there some area of your life that you would like to improve: your health, your relationships, your career? If so, focus on your ideal goal and every day, in an easy, relaxed way, dream about it, and feel the wonderful emotions as if it was happening here right now. The feelings will gradually fix in your subconscious so that it can become a reality for you. You will then gradually believe that it is there for you, take any necessary practical steps that you need and learn how to attract it into your life.

Dr David Hamilton has written books and CDs on this subject and you can find some of his talks on Youtube. He will enable you to happily dream, feel and create the life that you want. Have a look for the right resources if you find that listening to someone else helps.

Happy dreaming, energising and creating,