It was the Summer Solstice at 22.43 last night so we are now fully in the powerful Solstice energy which will last until midday on Monday.  It is especially powerful this evening so, even if you celebrated the Solstice yesterday, you could ride its waves today to move you into a wonderful new space.

Everyone can benefit from this deeper understanding of the solstice and equinox days and you can learn why we recognise and celebrate these special days with nature and just how powerful they can be. It is beautifully explained in The Perelandra Garden Workbook by Machaelle Wright . Thank you Panosun for this link.

As Machaelle Wright explains:
“The release of life vitality that triggers each stage of the equinox/solstice cycle happens with or without human awareness or attention. It’s part of earth’s natural rhythms. But we … can choose to actively participate with nature at these special times. Nature … is powerful beyond belief and humans are powerful beyond belief. But when nature and humans act together, that combined power is intensified a hundredfold. . . . This is another one of those times where a small gesture on our part can do a lot for the moment.”