This week , as we have been in social isolation for a month, there are likely to be extra pressures on us.  We may be taking stock of how we are managing our resources and supporting ourselves.  This will include our environment, food supply, work, finances and material goods as well as family, friendship and community.  This evaluation process allows us to make improvements but may make us wobble a bit and cause us to feel insecure.

On a personal level the challenge is to strengthen our sense of security and belief in ourselves and our values.  If we can do this, we will no longer rely on outside circumstances to reassure us.  Then we can escape the cycle of falling into fear and anxiety and having to do get ourselves back up again.  We can have Inner Peace whatever is going on around us.  So today, let us focus on inner stability to carry us through the turbulence.

Today’s Healing

Sit quietly in a nice space, focus on your breath and do a few cycles to slow your breathing. Then tune in and ask to receive today’s healing to help you to strengthen your inner sense of security and self-belief in an uncertain world; to restore your inner peace and to help other people around you to also enable your stability and strength. Stay still for a few minutes and then return to your day.


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Love and Blessings,