Courses by Spectrum Healing

Jay runs courses to suit all sorts of people interested in improving their health, well-being and lives in general.

Empower yourself: One-day personal development courses to help you to ‘Empower yourself and create the life that you want’.

Spectrum Healing courses: Spectrum Healing courses help you understand the patterns that lead to unhappiness and dis-ease and how to heal them in an easy and effective way. There is ongoing free nutritional training with the Spectrum healing courses.

Spiritual Development: These courses will help you understand the challenges and rewards at each stage of your own spiritual journey and enable your personal and spiritual growth.

Empower Yourself

These one-day courses help you to ‘Empower yourself and create the life that you want’. Come and learn how to step into your power, clear away the patterns that are stopping you from being the brilliant person that you really are. You will learn to connect with your subconscious and Higher Self and use it to be able to choose the best foods, products and life experiences. You will also be able to identify and release locked in feelings, fears and unhelpful beliefs.

The ‘Empower yourself and create the life that you want’ day is just £25 and usually takes place in the Midlands, close to Junction 23 of the M1 although other venues to suit are possible.

Contact Jay if you are interested.

Spectrum Healing Courses

These are two day courses that help you learn the types of patterns that people hold on to and help to release the causes of their problems so that the body, mind and spirit can then heal naturally. You will learn to work by intention and to enter the healing space that can manifest your intentions. You will be healing at the highest vibrational level and so changes happen easily and effortlessly.

Some people come on the courses to help their own health issues and learn more about ‘how they tick’. Some people come to learn how to heal themselves and their families. Some others know that they want to be a professional therapist and others just enjoy the experience.

The Spectrum Healing courses have been constructed to progressively build your knowledge and capabilities and provide a complete healing system to be effective for the many different situations that you will come across. There are six successive courses taking your understanding to deeper and deeper levels. The seventh course is to help those who wish to become professional Spectrum Healing therapists to qualify and reach that goal.

During the course you will practise Spectrum Healing both on yourself and on other members of your group. Then you can progress to willing family and friends. Eventually some students will qualify and want to set up in business, healing the clients that come their way.

You will learn to heal:

  • the chakras
  • the subtle energy bodies of the aura
  • the energy meridians
  • the assemblage point
  • cellular memory
  • and many other parts of our bodies and energy field.

On the first course you will be taught to enter the Field of Pure Consciousness which is the most powerful mind-state for healing. Then you will be taught to muscle test so that you can determine the most beneficial healing programme for someone, according to their inner and subconscious guidance. You are also taught to help someone release old feelings and stress and to manifest goals and needs as well as conducting a confident healing treatment for someone.

On Stage 2 of the course you will be taught about the effects of stress on our cellular health and how to repair it, start to heal intuitively with essences, crystals, cards, colour, sound and other vibrational items and how to heal all the components of a particular issue so that it does not reinstate itself. Some common underlying issues are examined and you learn how to heal them.

Each stage of the course gets progressively more powerful until your healing system is complete. The final stage of Spectrum Healing is called Competence and Competence for Professional Practice. On this stage we focus on improving your capabilities and confidence as a healer and get you ready to set up your own practice. We look at many different typical situations that you may encounter so that nothing comes as a surprise when you do take the healing out into the world!

I teach in small groups in the East Midlands and free Nutrition training and mentoring is included with the Spectrum Healing Courses.

If you would like a fuller explanation of the Spectrum Healing courses, please download the file here.

Cost:    The cost of the 2-day workshop including a reference manual and a working manual is £195. A deposit of £50 should be paid as soon as possible to secure a place. You only pay £185 for early booking. If you bring a friend you both only pay £175 each for the course.

As soon as you pay your deposit you will receive the preparation material – you will need a week or two to practice the preliminaries and be fully ready for the course.

Advanced Spectrum Healing Training

For people who have completed the first six Spectrum healing Courses, there are advanced courses on many different topics that they can pursue. These tend to be arranged according to the needs of each group. These Advanced courses have included:

  • Healing the Nervous System and Neurotransmitters
  • Metabolic Healing
  • Identifying Nutritional Needs of clients: Ensuring that appropriate supplements can be identified for an individual or for a common condition.
  • Integrating the Infant Reflexes
  • Using the Kabbalah for healing and development
  • Using the Enneagram for healing
  • Using Sacred Templates for healing
  • Shamanic Journeying as a means of healing and gaining guidance


What People say about Spectrum Healing Training

The spectrum healing courses are a life-changing experience. They offer a path to healing that is safe, structured and supportive. Each stage offers new methods to help identify, acknowledge and release problems that deplete the energy system and cause physical and emotional illness. If you are living in the dark, Spectrum healing lights the way to transformation.
Mel Joice
Many, many thanks for a wonderful weekend. Love and Peace.
The Mansfield Group,
The courses builds up an awareness about yourself that you would rarely otherwise access. Along with the tools and techniques to help heal yourself and others physically / emotionally /mentally / spiritually. A learning that will change and improve your life forever.
Carol Hession
Just wanted to say I really feel I got masses out of the course & it’s wonderful that there’s someone like you who unconditionally gives so much help, support & understanding to everyone & I’m particularly grateful for the love & care you’ve given me.
Janita Carley
Jay has been a wonderful inspiration and support on my personal development journey. My health and happiness have improved considerably with Spectrum Healing. I know Jay has put together a really comprehensive and powerful healing system.
Katrina Turnbull
I have loved every minute of the Spectrum Healing courses. Jay’s “down to earth” approach mixed with humour and her passion for Spectrum Healing inspired me to practice at home with confidence and read widely in between courses. I always felt that Jay was there to support my growth and learning. I have learned an incredible amount over a short space of time. Now I feel I can heal myself to achieve better health each day, and I have confidence to help my family and friends too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Spectrum Healing course.
Helena Hitchin
The Spectrum Healing Kinesiology Course run by Jay Cubitt has a well balanced blend of lectures, workbook activities, class discussions and hands on practice! I have gained so much confidence and learnt so many new things to help me in my healing work. I have loved every minute and would absolutely recommend it.
I thoroughly enjoyed your last course and benefitted enormously. By the way a nice positive to report, my enjoyment of sex has improved, slightly after SH2 & I believe even more so after SH3. So can’t wait for SH4!
Just a note to say thanks for a fab weekend. What an amazing array of things we covered. I was totally enthralled by the Spiritual masters and Mitochondria stuff. Wow!
Amanda Nelson

Spiritual Development

More and more people are being called to follow their own personal spiritual journey of growth and development. Jay has been on her own journey for over 20 years and has discovered the choices and challenges that you are likely to meet at the different stages of your spiritual journey. She has experienced the situations that you will be encountering and can guide you through so that it is easier to understand the messages that you are receiving and to respond appropriately to them. By clearing the blocks and resistance to growth Jay can help you to navigate the easiest path for you. These courses will help you understand the challenges and rewards at each stage of your own spiritual journey and enable your personal and spiritual growth.

These courses are called Joyful Ascension and are only available to people who have completed the first six stages of Spectrum Healing as the healing methods that you learn in these courses are vital to your ongoing journey. These Ascension courses are aimed to help the growth and expansion of those who are on a spiritual path and to enable it to be a happy and joyful experience. The resulting growth and higher vibration will then allow your healing to become easier and more effective.

The separate workshops are completed at anywhere from 2 to 7 month intervals, depending on the needs of each group. It uses new techniques as well as those taught in the Spectrum Healing courses to help you release deep patterns easily and permanently.

After completing the Spectrum Healing Foundation Course, anyone who wishes to continue can carry on with the Ascension courses and I arrange the Ascension courses according to the needs of each group.

If you would like more explanation of the Ascension courses, please download a file here.

What People say about Spiritual Development Training

I always knew there was a so much more to me than was obvious. It has been great to investigate these subtle areas and begin to understand myself better. Thank you for the insight that you have given me.
E Johnstone
Dear Jay
Hello there. Just a little note to say how much I am appreciating Spectrum Healing and everything that goes with it. I know it’s an individual journey but it just feels amazing to be part of such a close group with such a special link.

I know I was searching for a long time but this last 6 months particularly have been quite amazing for me – lots of changes and revelation, and with Spectrum I’ve just been feeling more that everything is working out.

Emma Kennedy
Hi Jay
Things have settled down now since the ascension weekend so I thought I would send you a line to say thank you. I seem to have taken some huge benefits from it. I loved the whole thing and I thought we all worked well together. I can hardly believe that spiritual growth can be so easy and such fun, and yet, when I think about it, it seems obvious. I have been experiencing deep love and joy and peace within, which is very gratifying, and the more I attend to these qualities and appreciate them the stronger they get. I continue with all the spiritual practices that have become part of my everyday routine and have been using the self testing to clarify things. I don’t really know what to expect next but my intuition is telling me to keep this high roll moving.

Course Dates

Introductory Course of Personal Development – Empower yourself and create the life that you want

Date to be confirmed

Spectrum Healing Courses

Course Title Dates
SH1 June 28th and 29th 2014

September 9th and 10th 2014

March 2015

SH2 December 2014
SH3 May 2015
SH4 September 16 and 17th
SH5 January 2015
SH6 July 2015
SH7 August 4th 2014

Advanced Spectrum Healing

Using Sacred Templates for healing        date tbc

Joyful Ascension

Co-creating your Dreams    date tbc